Katy Perry Leads the Charge on Her Royal Revolution


First she was a Killer Queen, but now Katy Perryis marching to a new beat with her first ad for Royal Revolution.

The pop star shared a snap of the new campaign for her bevy of Instagram followers Tuesday night with the caption, “AYO! Today I'm unveiling my new #RoyalRevolutionad! Hope you likey BB's. Look for it in stores later this summer.” Perry poses next to a suit of armor in the image, adding a flirtatious flair to a British military uniform. In it she wears a classic jacket with epaulets paired with a flared skirt and leather top embellished with gold brocade. She even topped off the look with a feathered headdress practically ripped from the Louis Vuitton runway and a fencing sword.

Since the scent is all about “female empowerment and breaking the rules,” her look fits perfectly!