Katy Perry Pares Down Her Beauty Look for Vogue


Katy Perry’s always been open about her looks and style. (Remember her Proactiv commercials circa 2011?) But in a new video for Vogue, Perry shares some of her beauty secrets and admits she might be ready to move up to a more mature beauty look.

As the clip chronicles Perry transitioning from fresh faced to camera-ready, courtesy of makeup artist Jake Bailey, she shares the origins of her black tresses. As it turns out, this was a solution to a disastrous attempt to emulate Madonna. “When I was 15, I chopped it all off. I had it bleached blonde like Madonna in Who’s That Girl,” she explained. “It just didn’t look right, so I bought a box of color. I went black and never went back.”

She attributed her dramatic looks to her insecurity about her skin but noted it’s become much better over the years, leading her to tone down the drama. “We would do a lot more coverage because I was insecure about my skin,” she said. “Most of the time, I’m doing stuff with big lights and a lot of HD, and there’s a lot of things to think about when painting the face.”

So what are her favorite features? Her eyes and her brows! “If I can get my brows and my eyes right, then that really sets the whole face.” Our thoughts exactly, Katy!

Take a look at the full clip below: