Katy Perry Tours Madagascar with UNICEF


Katy Perry recently put down her mic to pack her bags to go to Madagascar.

The pop star made the trip on behalf of UNICEF to bring attention to the children of the impoverished country that is in the midst of recovery from a political crisis in 2009. Perry visited a number of areas throughout to see UNICEF’s range of programs that include education, nutrition, health and child protection, water, sanitation, and hygiene. “In less than one week here in Madagascar, I went from crowded city slums to the most remote villages and my eyes were widely opened by the incredible need for a healthy life—nutrition, sanitation, and protection against rape and abuse—which UNICEF are stepping in to help provide,” she said of her trip.

Perry toured a child protection center in Antananarivo where more than three out of four children live in extreme poverty, making them vulnerable to exploitation. She also visited a Androranga village to help half of the children in Madagascar who are chronically malnourished. Perry also visited a pre-school in Sahavola where she helped teach the children the importance of hand washing to promote proper hygiene.

According to UNICEF, only 3 children out of every 10 who start primary school complete the cycle while two-thirds of teachers haven’t received any formal training. “An education is an incredible opportunity here,” Perry explained. “I visited a very remote community where children and teachers walk 45 minutes just to get to school. This is a testament to how appreciative they are about their education.”

For more information or to donate, please visit UNICEF.org.