KaufmanFranco Fall 2014


DESIGNERSKen Kaufman and Isaac Franco

INSPIRATION: Tactile. Neosensual. Raw. Refine. Released. Restricted. Virtuous. Scandalous. Secure. Protective. Contours. Slivered. Fluid. Synthesized. Kate Moss as muse. “That’s who our inspiration was this season—in the Nineties,” Franco said. “Just the ease of the way she dressed, the matter-of-factness of it. It was just spectacular. That’s what we were trying to achieve.” His partner Kaufman added, “It could be Cate Blanchett, it could be Kate Winslet. It could be Kate Moss,” emphasizing their appeal to women across the board.

TRENDS: Bonded leather, backless sheaths, flesh-tone sheer panels, monochrome, herringbone, strategic cut-outs, crocodile skins, suede, sequined dresses, high collars, neoprene.

PALETTE: Ivory, onyx, glacier, aluminum, royal blue, mercury.

WHO WAS THEREKelly Rowland and her stylist Marni Senofonte, Beyoncé wardrobe worker, Ty Hunter.

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: A dressed-up Teyana Taylor, long-limbed wonders like Karlie Kloss, anyone who obsesses over Moss, Jennifer Lopez.

PLAYLIST: “Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry, “Happens at Night” by Bertil Mark and Popnoname, “Antivirus” by Olga Kouklaki.