Kelly Osbourne Has Ink on the Brain


Kelly Osbourne has a new hair accessory, but you won’t find it in any store. The reason? It’s inked on her head!

The Fashion Police correspondent spent her Sunday night at a Hollywood tattoo parlor called the Shamrock Social Club. It seems she had a few tales to tell as she commissioned artist Dr. Woo to tattoo “Stories…” on the left side of her head in a typeface font. She shared snaps of each step of the process, posing proudly with Woo and the final result. “It’s magic what you can do!” she said of the artist in the caption.

Osbourne has been adding more of an edge to her look lately, which started with her mohawk back in May. We’re all for a little ink in unexpected places, but we’re also glad she can cover it up if she wants to. What do you think of her new tattoo?