Kelly Osbourne Loves to Play the Villain, and Will be Wearing Birkenstocks


Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne's alter ego is a Disney villain? Osbourne's dream came true when she received the role as the voice of Hildy Gloom, the villain in Disney XD's new show, 7D. “I never wanted to play the princess but being a villain was my dream role,” she said. “I still watch cartoons, and my parents think I’m crazy. At least now I can pretend I’m doing it for research.”

Osbourne, who recently launched a new line of MAC makeup in collaboration with her mother, relates to her villain character being bad with the best intentions. She said, “I feel so fearless when I play her. Hildy is my alter ego–my Sasha Fierce!” While she loves villains with Hildy as her Sasha Fierce, she named Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty as her all-time favorite character.

In addition to her packed resume as a makeup maven and voice-over actress, Osbourne works to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which now includes her must-have snack, Wheat Thins Popped. Similar to fashion trends, Osbourne mixes up what flavor to stick in her bag. “It all depends on my mood at the moment, just like the color of my nails,” she said. “It's hard to pick because I go through phases. I couldn't choose just one–I love them equally.”

Osbourne certainly appreciates style given her post at E!, and credits Jane Birkin as one of her woman crushes. “She carried a picnic basket as a bag and made it look chic for starters,” she explained. “She’s a timeless beauty and definitely one of my style icons along with Grace Jones, Liza Minnelli, and Bettie Page to name a few. I’m also really influenced by Teddy Girls and Tank Girl (the movie) right now.”

In terms of style trends of the moment, Osbourne is saying yes to the Birkenstocks, and thinks you should too. “I love Birkenstocks and socks right now–there is a right way to do this!” she exclaimed. Whatever you're rocking Birkenstocks with, there is no denying this summer trend has some staying power!