Kelly Rowland Believes Scent Is a Woman’s Signature


Kelly Rowland’s highlighting her style as Caress’s newest Fabulista, but she believes you’re not fully dressed without a fabulous fragrance to tie everything together.

The songstress introduced a large group of beauty editors to the bodycare’s new Fresh collection and noted the scents, paired with an individual’s body chemistry, could create a scent that was uniquely their own. “I feel like a fragrance is part of a woman’s signature,” she explained. “It makes it just for you, which I think will be nice when everyone tries on the different scents because all of the body chemistries are going to agree with you in different ways. It’s just going to make you stick out and that much more of a unique woman walking down the street.”

Rowland told the group that she grew up with Caress thanks to her mom, so fronting the brand seemed like a natural fit. “My mother used Caress forever; we’re both product whores,” she admitted. “The Daily Silk collection [is my favorite]; it’s not my fault [Caress] created all of these wonderful fragrances!”

As for the collection’s array of aromas (crafted by famous French perfumeries, Firmenich and Givaudan), Emerald Rush bottles a blend of white tea, gardenia, and fresh moss; Aqua Sparkles combines lilac, aquamarine, and musk notes; and Juicy Escape mixes pink grapefruit and sun kissed lilies. Rowland mentioned that she couldn’t get enough of the olfactory orientals. “I have worn my nose out,” she said, in regards to smelling the new body washes. “When we shot the look book, I wanted to eat it because it smelled so good!”

We can’t wait for the fragrances to provide a sweet escape without leaving the shower!