Kendall Jenner’s Runway Beauty Requirements


Kendall Jenner – excuse us, Kendall – has been rocking runways in most of the world’s fashion capitals this season, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. While we’re catching our breath from the sidelines, Jenner is sharing some her secrets to surviving Fashion Month.

“Keep it clean” is her diet philosophy, filling her plate with fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, plus plenty of apples to snack on backstage. Aside from running, all it takes is a cup or more of Kusmi’s Detox Tea to really get her going. “I usually start my day off with a cup of detox tea,” she told E! News. “I have like 12 cups a day.” And it looks like she’s stuck to as we spotted the runway regular sipping the stuff backstage at Donna Karan, which could also explain her flawless skin.

But her number one beauty must is a true classic that you can’t argue with. “My beauty secret for Fashion Week is just getting a good amount of sleep,” Jenner said. “I feel like I at least need about seven hours, eight hours of sleep to function.” Which means she’s likely saying no to a few after-party invites to prep for the next day’s shows. Keep up the good work, Kendall!