Kering and Vogue Italia Are Scouting For Interns


Entering the fashion world usually takes an internship or two – or a stroke of luck – and then a lot of hard work. As a company that values both, Kering is teaming up with Vogue Italia to launch an internship program: one that might prove to kickstart a few fashion careers, as well as giving Italian brands like Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Brioni a shot at a bright future.

The program will offer positions in 23 areas including design, merchandising, visual display, digital, and communications. According to the company’s chairman and CEO, Francois-Henri Pinault, this initiative is meant to nurture talent in Italy and, of course, benefit the brands by providing them with tough-to-come-by and specialized talents. “It’s not a one-man show or a one-woman show in the design field of a brand,” Pinault told Women's Wear Daily. “There is a studio, there is a design team, with very technical positions and where you need very specific talents. It could be more of a tough world because those key talents are difficult to find.”

Also difficult to find is a reason good enough to relocate to Europe indefinitely. With placement potential in Italy, France and Switzerland, this internship might just be that reason.