Kick Off March [Mani] Madness With Glam


As March Madness kicks off across the country, we’re fully consumed by our own version of the phenomenon – you know, the one that has to do with manis. Though a freshly painted manicure might be the antithesis of basketball (because, let’s be real, we’re going to avoid doing anything that threatens to chip our pretty polish), they both have our attention this month. Whether that means making sure your manicure matches your favorite team’s uniforms or that the backdrop for your next attempt at nail art is a huge game, submit fully to the madness that this month brings. While your bracket might be enough to consume you, just wait until you get a load of what our March Mani Madness app edition has in store. The DIYs, video tutorials and nail-spiration pages are enough to make you a certified MVP of the nail game. Click here to download it!