Kidada Brings Disney Princesses Into Fashion

Every girl remembers her first Disney princess. We may leave the plastic tiaras and tutus behind, but the dreams of life in a castle and hopes of finding our own Prince Charming remain. Celebrity designer and Disney enthusiast, Kidada Jones has created the Charming Collection of laid-back t-shirts and sweet accessories to show off a bit of royal pride, while still looking age appropriate.

The first princesses to be featured are a blend of the classic and modern characters we’ve come to love and cherish – Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Tiana. They have been reinterpreted as Wish-a-Littles, which are adorable figurines that resemble Russian nesting dolls and hold charm necklaces inside.

“They’re my interpretation of the Disney princesses, “ she said. “There’s a necklace inside that you put on, and you make your wish. When the necklace comes off, it means your wish is coming true. You can also write your wish on a little piece of paper and put them inside the wish-a-little.”

The t-shirts, reusable bag,s and watch feature the princesses in their wish-a-little form with corresponding slogans. The collection also includes a sugary Mickey-shaped Vinylmation covered in icing and sprinkles, which Kidada admitted was her favorite. The detailed jewelry incorporates all of the important components in each of the girls’ stories with three charms and a chain for each princess. Each piece of jewelry comes in a box inscribed with an inspirational message from Kidada who feels that she, like every girl, can relate to the princesses in different ways. “If I’m in a feisty, independent mood, I’m in love with Tiana. If I’m feeling very nurturing and compassionate, then I go with Snow White. When I need to be patient and wait for the right time, I go with Cinderella,” she said.

There are a slew of characters who are likely to inspire future collections and more of our favorite princesses are set to make their debut this fall. Peter Pan was the first Disney movie Kidada fell in love with and though it may not be a typical princess movie, its characters may make an appearance further down the line. “It had a little bit of everything,” Kidada said. “It had some tomboy action, a little love going on with the magic and the flying. It ran the whole gamut, and Tinkerbell is the apple of my eye.”

The Charming Collection is available now at Disney Stores nationwide from $9.50-$49.50.