Kim Kardashian Boasts Pregnancy and Gold Grill in CR Fashion Book


Since making her relationship with Kanye West public, Kim Kardashian has made an effort to inch away from her reality television roots and leave a serious impression on the world of high fashion. That mission was further cemented today when her cover for Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book was revealed.

Issue three of Roitfeld's biannual publication was shot back in May when Kardashian was still pregnant with North West. Roitfeld, who gushes over her own daughter's pregnancy in Mademoiselle C, says the feature was meant to capture a “precious moment of Kim’s pregnancy that people haven’t seen,” which in turn, inspired the issue's theme, Hope. “Pregnancy is something that I always love. It’s about hope and the future and a new baby.”

It could also mean a new start for Kardashian's tabloid-driven career. “This is not something for a gossip magazine that goes into the trash,” Roitfeld said, emphasizing her vision to stray from a celebrity-centric sales strategy. “This is a magazine that is a collector’s item.” And certainly a must-have for the Kardashian klan's slew of loyal fans.

RiccardoTisci, who designed Kardashian's infamous gown for her Met Gala debut,art-directed the spread, which showcases a bare-faced Kardashian in novel form. On the cover, she flashes a gold grill (which must have been West's doing), while inside the glossy, she proudly puts her bare, prenatal belly on blast. Karl Lagerfeld immortalized the moment in his private Parisian photography studio where Roitfeld insists he and Tisci “had fun together.”

Roitfeld shifted gears on the reverse cover of the magazine, which features “Blurred Lines” video model Emily Ratajkowski in the middle of a steamy situation with two other male models. The 340-page edition will be on newsstands on September 12… on the final day of New York Fashion Week, and perhaps, one day closer to Kardashian's wishful Vogue debut.