Kirstie Alley Spreads Her Wings As “The Poise Fairy”

Kirstie Ally has taken on many roles throughout her award-winning career, but her newest persona has truly taken flight. As the light-hearted Poise Fairy, Alley’s helping millions of women break down the stigmas associated with a condition that’s nothing to sneeze at: LBL (Light Bladder Leakage). The Dancing with the Stars alumna is the latest to toss out the period pads, following in the footsteps of comedienne, Whoopi Goldberg, and reality star Kris Jenner. We chatted with Alley about her partnership with Poise, her new TV pilot, and her passion for fashion.

How did your partnership with Poise come about?
They called me and told me they wanted me to consider being the spokesperson for Poise, and I said, “I don’t have LBL. They told me that what they wanted to do was to de-stigmatize it and let women know that it was no big deal. One in three women have it, and they though the perfect person to de-stigmatize it and not making light of it in a way that’s making fun of someone, but making light in a way that’s like it’s no big deal. Like how long ago was that you couldn’t say “tampons,” right? It was a way to bring up people’s awareness and de-stigmatizing it basically.

What was your favorite part of shooting the commercial?
The wings. I loved how we created this character called the Poise Fairy. The wings were mechanical and did all of these crazy things. They flutter, and they flow; they could sorts of close up; they’re really gorgeous. So I had a lot of fun with them and making stuff up. They let me ad-lib a lot, and then the Poise Fairy has a purple poodle – so cute – and that was really fun. I liked that day.

Did you get to keep the wings?
No, they’re very expensive! And who knows there may be more to this campaign, and we can use those wings again. I almost got the dog though. The woman told me I could have the dog if I wanted, but I’m considering it.

What would you tell someone who’s uncomfortable talking about LBL?
When you go to Poise’s website, they have a lot of information. The information that I know and that I’m imparting is that it exists; it exists in one in three women; there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It is what it is. It’s not something for old people – it’s one in three women period. Women can have it after they have babies, when they’re in their 20’s, they can have it in their 50’s – it’s really random. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about; it’s nothing to be worried about, thinking you’re the only one out there. It’s designed specifically for that light, little leakage that happens in some women, in a third of women, who are laughing or jumping or whatever they’re doing.

We hear you just shot a TV pilot. What’s the premise?
It’s called “The Manzanis,” and it’s about an Italian American family who live in Brooklyn. He makes it big – he owns one bakery, which turns into three bakeries. So because they’re doing really well and he wants his family to have the best advantage, so he moves them to Connecticut where we totally don’t fit in. We find out in May if it will turn into a series. It’s fun. It’s Rhea Perlman, we’re reunited in it. My husband is Michael Rispoli – amazing actor who played Tony Soprano’s boss. It’s a great cast.

How are you gearing up your closet for spring?
I’m into – I know the new color is mint green – I’m not to keen on it with clothes, but I love it on shoes and polishes. So I’m starting to collect my clothes for spring and summer, and New York is the perfect place to do it. Every season, I like to set up what my style is. I almost have uniforms at my house; if I like one coat, I’ll get the same one in three different colors. Here’s an example – This Fall and Winter, I’m totally into leggings with some kind of tunic-y top and a Rick Owens jacket. I have Rick Owens leather jackets in every color ever made. I grab boots – I like the Louboutin boots with the toes out this year. So I try to match along that set of things. Also with really expensive jackets and really expensive shoes, I can wear t-shirts that are 15 bucks. I also like a classic pieces; that’s why I like the Rick Owens jackets because this will look good now, it’ll look good 20 years from now!

Which designer’s collections are you currently coveting?
I like Roland Mouret – it’s like a tongue twister, and I like Mick Jagger’s [fianc ée L’Wren Scott]. I like her collections. I love Alexander McQueen. And Dolce [& Gabbana] – I’m a Dolce whore basically. No matter how skinny I am I can wear it. I like dresses from McQueen are mostly built for curvy girls.

What are your top three beauty must-haves?
Black Chanel eyeliner – it’s must, must, must. YSL lipstick is number two. And the third thing I always keep in there is Violet mints. Those are my favorite. I love the way people smell when they eat them, they smell like flowers! I think every girl needs to wear eyeliner. Good lips, good eyeliner and shiny hair.

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