Know the Facts: Symptoms of Distressed Tresses


Shedding? While losing some hair on a daily basis is a natural process, a sudden increase in the amount of shedding may point to a bigger problem. Often this is a hormonal complication or the result of a poor diet. Consult with your physician.

Shineless? Reviving dull hair is all about nailing the right hydration, conditioning, and cleansing routine. Make sure your locks are receiving enough moisture with the products you’re using and from your diet. Also, don’t forget to wash thoroughly and regularly for clean, shiny hair.

Scratchy? Whether it’s itchy toward your roots or stiff along the strands, scratchy hair of all types, is a problem. If the issue is up top, you may be suffering from dry scalp. Moisturize your scalp with a tablespoon or two of extra-virgin olive oil during your next shower. If your locks are feeling scratchy rather than smooth, they too may need hydration. Try a weekly leave-in mask to give your hair the extra oomph.

Skimpy? If your hair looks thin and lifeless, the cause may be breakage. Restore those full locks from root to tip by taking a time-out from blow-dryers and straighteners that fry or damage your hair. Also, make sure to use heat-protecting serums, sprays, or other products on your locks before turning to your heat styling tools. This will give your hair an extra layer of protection to prevent breakage.