Konfessions: Kris Jenner Gets Kandid on KUWTK, KimYe, and More!


According to Giuliana Rancic,Kris Jenner has a “sense of humor about the headlines.” The Kardashian-Jenner momanger, who is no stranger to flashing lights, laughed off rumors about dating O.J. Simpson from behind bars, and ridiculous reports that front-rower North West is barred from wearing pink on E!’s Beyond Candid with Giuliana Rancic. Still, she had a set of gasp-worthy konfessions that even the most-versed Kardashian konnoisseur would find surprising. Here are our favorite five.

1. She was stunned by the death of friend Nicole Brown-Simpson… and by Simpson’s not guiltyverdict. “Everyone’s life that knew her and loved her, changed forever,” Jenner said about Brown-Simpson’s June 1994 murder. She later added that Simpson’s ruled innocence was a surprise. “All of the evidence pointed to a guilty verdict. So when it was not guilty, we were stunned. I was just stunned.”

2. But she understood her ex-husband’s need to defend Simpson in court. Her then ex-husband wrote Jenner a letter explaining his intent to represent Simpson prior to the trial’s start. “He felt that he had a duty as a friend.”

3. While we’re talking Simpson, stop with lies: Khloe Kardashian is not his lovechild. “Khloe came out and she looked exactly like Robert [Kardashian]’s mom.” So there’s that.

4. You can thank reproduction for nine seasons of Keeping Up. Jenner says KUWTK has been “such a great ride,” and when it seemed like it was “going to get dusty,” babies boomed. “They just keep making more babies, and there’s always another story,” she said. Admittedly, Jenner is done with child-bearing. “I got gestational diabetes and gained a whole bunch of weight and got really sick, and really sick after I gave birth to [Kylie]… Shop is closed. We’re shutting it down.”

5. Jenner always knew that a famous, six-children clan was her destiny. “From the time I was 16, my dream was to grow up and have six kids.” Surprisingly, it wasn’t just the family dynamic that originally led them to the small screen… it was the Dash and Smooch clothing stores they wanted to showcase. “As a businesswoman, why not?”