Kristen Stewart’s Skincare Philosophy Came From Zoolander?


Everyone has their own fountain of beauty inspiration, and Kristen Stewart found hers in a classic Ben Stillercomedy.

The stoic starlet spilled some of her beauty secrets to Byrdie, pulling a line from the film as the basis of her bare bones beauty routine. “I always think of that scene in Zoolander when he [Ben Stiller] says 'Moisture is the essence of beauty,' but it’s so true,” she shared.

And thanks to that quote, skincare takes priority over makeup thanks to Proactive and creams from Dermalogica and Dr. Haschuka. Though foundation is a no-no in her book, she does compromise with a great tinted moisturizer from either MAC or Bare Essentials. She also relies on serum to help keep her skin in check at all times. “I love Skinceuticals’ serums,” Stewart said. “They have one that’s for stressed-out skin, one for your pores if you’re breaking out, and then the preventative one for problematic skin. I use a few of them.”

For eyes and lips, she’s either all or nothing. So when she dares to go bare lip-wise, she always keep a tube of Burt’s Bees close by or, if necessary, Aquaphor. “Aquaphor is the most hardcore moisturizer,” she told the site. “You can even use it for tattoo care.”

With her penchant for dramatic red carpet beauty looks, it’s no surprise that Stewart also looks to the late ‘60s and early ‘70s for added inspiration. “Take Patti Smith and add in a little Brigitte Bardot to up the sex factor,” she says. “That’s pretty dope, I’ve got a beauty icon now.”

Don’t we all, Kristen, don’t we all.