La Roche Posay Is Seeing Spots This Summer


La Roche-Posay wants you to stay safe this summer by ensuring you stay on top of your spots.

With almost 5 million people being treated for skin cancer in the U.S. yearly and just 18% of people getting their moles checked by a dermatologist once a year, the brand wanted to provide a reminder for many to inspect their skin. La Roche-Posay is calling for people to look out for beauty marks and moles all over the body with any irregularities by looking to spot experts: Dalmatians. “Knowing if you are at risk is critical in skin-cancer prevention and education; early detection and protection make a difference,” the brand said in a statement. “With only 33 percent of those surveyed having urged others to check their moles, we still have a long way to go.”

The clip features the dogs the checking each other’s spots in lieu of showing humans stripping down and checking each other out. “It’s always a little delicate to show people undressed, looking at their skin,” BETC’s art director Jean-Michel Alirol, who worked on the campaign, told Women’s Wear Daily. “We preferred to show animals, and in this particular case we chose beloved Dalmatians.”

It’s all in an effort to change behavior and help those who may have the disease get tested and undergo treatment, as studies show 90% of skin cancers are curable if detected in time. Dermatologists recommend monitoring your moles using the ABCDE Method: A for asymmetry, for moles that aren’t round and have uneven color distribution at its center; B for border, if the mole has irregular or jagged edges; C for color, if the mole has several colors; D for Diameter, if the mole is larger than the size of a pencil eraser; and E for evolution, if the mole quickly changes size, shape, thickness or color.

With plenty of fabulous formulas to choose from, there should be no excuse to not be safe in the sun this season and beyond.

Haven’t seen the video year? Check it out below: