Lady Gaga Is Sitting Pretty in a Gold Mordekai Wheelchair


At first glance, that headline may seem bizarre, but itisLady Gaga we're talking about. And only Mother Monster could commission a black-and-gold Chariot by Ken Borochov of Mordekai, a piece the artist describes as being “fit only for a queen.” No, this wonder of a wheelchair isn't an accessory à la her 2011 Grammys incubator (read: egg), and she's not recreating a scene from her “Paparazzi” video. It just so happens to be a gilded part of her hip surgery recovery—and the shame of every car makeover from MTV's Pimp My Ride.

If you recall, on February 12th, Gaga had to cancel tour dates in Chicago, Detroit, and Hamilton, Ontario after being diagnosed with an inflammation of the joints known as synovitis. The “Born This Way” belter went on to cancel subsequent Monster Ball Tour dates and underwent surgery for her condition on February 20th. Now, after a nearly month-long hiatus, the “Cake” chanteuse has emerged in truly regal fashion thanks to a signature snapshot from Terry Richardson. While Gaga is back to blonde, the true star of this capture is her custom, recline-ready Chariot, plated in 24-carat gold and swathed in tufted calf leather for a comfy, cushioned experience. In one week, Borochov created the masterpiece, with bespoke rim wheels from L.A., gold plating in Dallas, and final assembly in Wisconsin.

This marks Borochov's fourth piece for Gaga—he's also responsible for her 24-carat gold-plated crown during The Fame perfume launch, her now infamous Claw, and the S&M-inspired cage she donned with Saint Laurent to perform with the Rolling Stones. If this wheelchair is how Gaga returns to the spotlight, we can only imagine what she (and Borochov) have in store for her full performance return!