Lady Gaga Releases Rap Record About Her 'Cake'

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Are you posted in the trap? Got cake like Lady Gaga? We'd take an educated guess and say no to both. But if you've got platinum-selling pipes then you do, at least in what the Internet is stamping as a new single from Mother Monster.

Early today, Gaga's producer DJ White Shadow led his Twitter followers to a new trap-hop instrumental (sub-genre of hip hop or rap music that is often associated with drug dealing) and was giving them a few hours to come up with lyrics. Later, he announced an "anonymous" winner who rhymed about "swagger on a hundred million," and an "iced-out wrist, iced-out chain." Although his version was chopped-and-screwed to a slower tempo, a Gaga devotee sped up the song to its — presumed — regular speed (listen here). We even found a third version that makes the voice on the evasive release sound pretty familiar. Take a listen:


Sounds a lot like the Lady herself, no? Other online authorities are predicting the "Cake" laced track is a look into the singer's fourth studio release, ARTPOP, which will be available in 2013. We have to admit, "Cake" is quite a catchy foray into rap music for Gaga. And even if its an unexpected turn away from her pop roots, or simply a tease to garner buzz around her latest project, we'll be chanting "cake like Lady Gaga" well into the weekend.