Lady Gaga Releases Rap Record About Her ‘Cake’

Are you posted in the trap? Got cake like Lady Gaga? We'd take an educated guess and say no to both. But if you've got platinum-selling pipes then you do, at least in what the Internet is stamping as a new single from Mother Monster.

Early today, Gaga's producer DJ White Shadow led his Twitter followers to a new trap-hop instrumental (sub-genre of hip hop or rap music that is often associated with drug dealing) and was giving them a few hours to come up with lyrics. Later, he announced an “anonymous” winner who rhymed about “swagger on a hundred million,” and an “iced-out wrist, iced-out chain.” Although his version was chopped-and-screwed to a slower tempo, a Gaga devotee sped up the song to its — presumed — regular speed (listen here). We even found a third version that makes the voice on the evasive release sound pretty familiar. Take a listen:


Sounds a lot like the Lady herself, no? Other online authorities are predicting the “Cake” laced track is a look into the singer's fourth studio release, ARTPOP, which will be available in 2013. We have to admit, “Cake” is quite a catchy foray into rap music for Gaga. And even if its an unexpected turn away from her pop roots, or simply a tease to garner buzz around her latest project, we'll be chanting “cake like Lady Gaga” well into the weekend.