Laser Hair-Care 101

Sure, you’re familiar with laser treatments for skin—but hair? They’re out there, and we understand they’re equally as efficacious for your mane. If you’re plagued with hair loss or thinning tresses, at-home innovative technologies are available that help reverse the damage and return your strands to their youthful brilliance. Here, our top recommendations.

The Hair Brush…
Viatek Hair Pro Luxor Laser Hair Brush, $499.99,
A hundred strokes (or 15 minutes, thrice weekly) of this hairbrush leaves you with a thicker, fuller mane thanks to its highly advanced scalp-penetrating laser and LED technology.

The Hair Grower…
iGrow Hands-Free Laser Hair Rejuvenation System, $695,
If your strands fall out at an alarming rate, give this device a go—wearing the lightweight low-level LED helmet for 20 minutes a few times a week stimulates growth and fullness.

The Hair Thickener…
HairMax Laser Comb Premium, $495,
Dreaming of denser, lusher locks? Try this innovative comb that stimulates the scalp, resulting in the thicker hair you crave. Use three times a week for about three months and you’ll be on your way to a gorgeous head of hair.

The Scalp Stimulator…
Nutra Sonic Hair Active Laser Comb, $165,
Whether it be thickening your hair or preventing hair loss, this comb does it all. It delivers much-needed vitamins and nutrients to your scalp and stimulates hair follicles to keep your mane growing strong.