Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Scotch and Spirits


Dads are exceptionally hard to shop for. The daunting thought of having to secure the right item often inhibits you from buying him anything at all. And so you end up scrambling for an idea at the last minute. Your father definitely doesn't need another tie, but he could probably always use a good drink after a day at the office. So why not enhance his bar with a new addition or replace that near empty bottle of his favorite scotch. Here are some scotches and spirits that he is sure to enjoy. Cheers to dads!

1. Basil Hayden's Bourbon , $37
2. Don Julio 1942, $125
3. Zacapa Rum XO, $65.99
4. Laphroaig 10 Year , $49.99
5. Macallan Scotch 18 Year, $179.99
6. Johnnie Walker Blue Label, $220
7. Hendrick's Gin, $33.99