Lauren Bush Lauren Launches Her Latest FEED Initiative

Beauty, brains, and a overwhelming desire to make the world a better place culminated on Tuesday morning as Lauren Bush Lauren introduced the newest additions to her foundation. In collaboration with DKNY, the FEED Fondation joined forces to create DKNY x FEED: The Survival Guide.

Over an intimate breakfast at Bloomingdales, Lauren and the Director of Partnerships at FEED, Tascha Rudder shared their passions, expressing not only their love for the newest collection, but also their devotion to social entrepreneurship and and future projects. With the DKNY partnership comes a brand new set of designer pieces to help fight global hunger. The new Survival Guide consists of a FEED Diaper Bag, FEED Survival Tote, and FEED City Survival Rain Boots, each of which expressly displays the number of children who will be fed thanks to purchases.

As it turns out, this isn't the only creation coming from Lauren and FEED. In the coming week, FEED will be relaunching their blog, appropriately named Beyond the Bag. A mix of features including Lauren's Loves, recipes, behind the scenes pictures and details will round out the company for fans and followers, giving a sneak peek at the magic of FEED.

Available at, and FEEDProjects, starting at $115.