Lea Michele Calls Her New Writing Desk “Bradshaw”


While her Glee character might be living it up Girls-style in Brooklyn, Lea Michele’s California abode stands in stark contrast. The star recently opened her home after receiving a revamp care of friend and Editor-at-Large for Domaine Home Estee Stanley for the site’s launch last week. If Stanley's name sounds familiar, she recently worked with Justin Timberlake on a collection for HomeMint.

Michele opted for an eclectic but cozy atmosphere, mixing contemporary with country with lush touches, including a feminine writing desk she named after our favorite Manolo model that also holds her SAG and People Choice Awards (no glass cases here!). She can even have guests dine in the lap of luxury with a French baroque-inspired blue velvet settee amongst her industrial dining chairs.

Throughout the 4-hour redecorating process, Michele let Stanley have free reign over everything, except her collection of photos of her idol Barbra Streisand. “The only direction she gave me was that she wanted it to be cozy,” Stanley said in the post. “And not to touch Barbra.”

With Barbra in tact, Michele returned right on time and instantly fell in love with the space. “She squealed and sort of almost cried,” Stanley revealed. “I think she was shocked that she loved it.” But friends stick together as Michele insisted: “I always had the utmost faith!”

See the full spread of the space at DomaineHome.com.