Learning Tower: The Toy That Grows With Your Child

What is the perfect gift for toddler? We all know that interest in toys, stuffed animals, books, movies, etc, last for about a day (if you’re lucky). Clothing is fun to buy, but they'll outgrow it in no time. But the Learning Tower by Little Partners is designed to grown with your child.

Beginning at 18-months, an infant is able to stand securely in The Learning Tower. The platform is adjustable and it was created that way in order to maintain children at a safe height at all times, which means that little ones can use the tower until they are about five years old.

The Learning Tower is a sturdy, non-tip structure that welcomes children to participate with parents, caregivers, and siblings by safely raising them to countertop height. It has been carefully designed to provide a secure environment for a child’s imagination to be stimulated. The design nurtures a child’s innate desire to be independent, and to participate alongside his or her parents and siblings.

Available HERE, $199.99.