Leighton Meester Bares A Clear Complexion For Biotherm


Though part of us will always recognize her as the fresh-faced Blair we knew and (in a touch-and-go kind of way) loved, Leighton Meester has definitely made a significant splash in the acting world. Now, the iconic beauty that showed us the art of playing the villain you can’t entirely hate is the global ambassador for L’Oreal’s Biotherm. “What I love about Biotherm is it’s always evolving and changing and becoming more modern,” Meester said about her new role. The brand, which offers skin care of all types – face, body, sun – views Meester as a “contemporary icon…whose natural talent, energy and beauty have made her the face of a generation,” according to Patrick Kullenberg, general manager of Biotherm International. We do, too – and we’re also in awe over that killer complexion. Biotherm: sign us up.