Lena Dunham Adds Her Girls’ Touch to Rachel Antonoff Fall Collection


Best friends always help out where they can, and Lena Dunham is doing the same for pal Rachel Antonoff.

The Girls creator stepped behind the lens to direct Antonoff's Fall 2013 fashion film, in lieu of a show or presentation during New York Fashion Week this season. Dunham took the family approach, as she not only dates Antonoff’s brother Jack of fun. but also cast her younger sister Grace as well as Alice Gregory for the clip. Dunham goes back to her indie movie roots (á la Tiny Furniture) with a Wes Anderson-style documentary, explaining the dynamics of best friends. The pair talk boys, style, and even try to add another person to their social circle while putting Antonoff’s series of dresses, sweaters, shoes, and even eye masks, with pops blue, teal, mustard and coral on display, including a stand out royal blue dress with collar made of watch gears as the younger Dunham disapproves of Gregory’s boyfriend.

The collection captures the Brooklyn girl-chic we've come to love with the show, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see many of the pieces make their way onto the set next season!

Haven’t seen the video for your self? Take a look at the video below.