Lena Dunham Goes Digital for a YouTube Q+A


When Lena Dunham sat down with The New York Times to discuss her new book, she recounted an instance when Gawker published all 66 pages of its proposal online.

“They posted it with a list of 72 reasons I was the dumbest human on earth,” she told the Times, though “there was no such list,” her interviewer noted. “It felt like such a violation to put my unedited work out into the world. As a writer, there is nothing more violating. I would rather walk down the street naked—no surprise—than to have someone read my unedited work.”

On September 30, Dunham won’t have that problem. Her collection of candid essays-meets-memoir will be released under the title Not That Kind of Girl. It will recount her therapy sessions (which she began at age 9), bed-sharing with her mom (which she did until she was 12), and even coming out to a friend’s parents in high school—a friend who wasn’t ready to tell her parents just yet.

In a late promo play for Not That Kind of Girl’s release, Dunham takes on the role of counselor, offering frank advice in a video series on YouTube. Topics ranged from being a questionable feminist to avoiding bad sex, of which she advised “having good sex takes two people who want to make each other feel good.” We just wonder whether Hannah Horvath will take any of that advice.