Lena Dunham Is Bringing Her Brand of YA to the Big Screen


Lena Dunham is looking back a few centuries for her latest project.

Just after proving she’s Not That Kind of Girl, the mind behind Girls is set to adapt Karen Cushman’s 1994 YA novel Catherine, Called Birdy, she revealed during the New Yorker Festival on Friday. The story centers on the 13-year-old daughter of a baron in 1290 England as she avoids the pursuits of various suitors her father sees fit for her to marry.

Dunham’s A Casual Romance production company will bring the story to the big screen, though she did joke it might be tough for the PG-13 flick to find funding. Dunham told the audience that she has loved the book since childhood and fangirled about working on the tome’s historical viewpoint of women.

While some may see a Sofia Coppola/Marie Antoinette take on the tale in near future, we have a feeling it might be a special blend of (young) Girls with a pinch of My So-Called Life for good measure. Regardless, we know an amazing soundtrack is sure to accompany it!