Lena Dunham is That Kind Of NastyGal


What happens when fashion’s #GIRLBOSS teams up with entertainment’s #GIRLBOSS? Fifteen quirky, witty, stylish, unapologetic, in-your-face outfits that Lena Dunham will be wearing throughout her nationwide book tour for Not That Kind of Girl.

Sophia Amoruso and Dunham held a “hybrid fitting-hangout-sandwich attack,” (Dunham’s words, not ours) last month at the NastyGal CEO’s LA home. Together, the duo curated outfits containing a whole lot of leather, neoprene, platform footwear and snarky t-shirts, all of which are displayed in a shoppable look book (in conjunction with photos from Amoruso and Dunham’s colorful fitting) on NastyGal.com. Dunham went so far as to dub each look with a personality. For her, one screams “Waiting Around Max Fish to Get Laid,” and another is very “I’m at a Book Party Putting Finger Food in my Purse,” while a white biker jacket reminded her of a “divorcee getting her groove back.”

If you’re not too keen on wearing vintage tees with expressions like “I Like it In My Ear” on them, perhaps you’d be more inclined to purchase a toned-down tote that has the title of the book emblazoned on it. Of course, the other size has a huge “69” on the other side if you’re feeling frisky and, well, not exactly discreet. Certainly, nothing about Dunham, her book or this particular wardrobe is discreet, and that’s precisely why we adore her—and will be following her every move as her Not That Kind of Girl tour gets underway.