Let 2014 Be Your Year of Travel With Lonely Planet’s Latest Guide


It's never too early to start gathering inspiration for your next big trip, so whether you're itching to get out of town at the start of the new year or sometime next summer, let Lonely Planet be your guide. The 2014 edition of their annual Best in Travel guide hits shelves today, available for $14.99 on their online site.

The must-have book for jet setters around the globe highlights the world's top destinations for 2014. Whether the featured hot spot has a must-see sporting event in the upcoming year or has recently revitalized its infrastructure to extraordinary proportions, the ones that made the list all have a “right now” type of aura around them–something that makes them relevant to 2014. The lists are split up by country, city, and region, and the guide also offers compilations of places to visit based around a certain travel theme. The featured picks are a product of suggestions from Lonely Planet authors, staff, and the community, which were then voted on by a panel of travel gurus, including co-founder Tony Wheeler.

With gorgeous photos to accompany each write-up, and information proving unique, easy-to-read, and brilliantly insightful, prepare to get the travel itch like never before. Check out a sneak peek at the top 10 countries featured in Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2014 below and find out more with your own copy of the guide.

Stockholm, Sweden

'Brazil’s diversity will leave you slack-jawed every time you tear yourself away from the beach or jungle’

‘It’s a chance to take life on and follow in the path of other intrepid explorers’

‘Fall in love with the landscape that inspired poet Robert Burns’

4. Sweden
‘The capital has long been a stylish,top-notch destination for serious gourmands and boldly experimental chefs’

5. Malawi
‘This slip of a country has so far escaped the safari-suited “bush and beach” crowd’

6. Mexico
'Mexico’s image is on the cusp of change – it’s time to dust off your Mexican dream again and enjoy it to the max’

7. Seychelles
‘With such a dreamlike setting, this magical archipelago is a great spot to decompress with a loved one’

8. Belgium
‘Belgo-newbies will find medieval towns where culture and gastronomy meet’

9. Macedonia
‘Macedonia’s mix of history and uncharted outdoors offers a uniquely cultured kind of adrenaline rush’

10. Malaysia
‘Hoof it over pitcher plants and granite moonscapes for the ultimate Bornean sunrise’