Let’s Get Leggy: Your Style and Beauty Guide to Hiked-Up Hems


When it comes to showing off your legs with hiked-up hems, there are some key points to remember. On the fashion front, short shorts and miniskirts are often an intimidating look to pull off, but our smart styling tips can help you make them work. And on the beauty side of things, getting your gams skirt-ready this summer is easier than you may think as well—just keep in mind these smooth-shaving secrets.

With leg-baring bottoms, it’s all about keeping the proportions balanced with the rest of your look. Skin exposure on the top should be kept to a minimum. Focus instead on mixing up materials and trends as well as strategically layering pieces and accessories to keep things edgy. After all, sex appeal can come in the form of chic styling rather than showing skin. Finish off your look with flats or chunkier heels instead of skinny stilettos.

As for the steps toward smoother stems, remember to choose a razor meant for women’s legs. For example, the Venus & Olay 5 blade razors aim for the closest shave thanks to an angled, moisturized head while gently exfoliating the skin’s surface. At the same time, the Olay moisture bars help lock-in moisture. With your razor picked out, let legs soak in warm water for two to three minutes. As you begin shaving, using smooth, careful strokes and even pressure, don’t forget to rinse the razor head continually to avoid nicks. Moisturize upon getting out of the bath or shower.

When it comes to pulling off short shorts and miniskirts, don’t go too short or too tight. That goes for both the bottom and the top of the ensemble. Skip the skin-baring blouses and slim sky-high heels—if not, the result will be showgirl and cheesy, not chic.

The don’ts of smooth shaving are incredibly straightforward: Never shave without first soaking your legs, avoid leaving your razor in the shower, remember to change the razor head, and try not to exfoliate again after shaving. All these mistakes will end up causing skin irritation.