Life Imitating Art: The Carrie Closet

Remember Carrie's amazing closet in Sex and the City: The Movie? What Manhattan woman wasn't consumed with jealousy over the fictional fashionista's happy home for her extensive wardrobe? There was endless space for all her designer duds – not to mention the many shelves stocked with her beloved Manolos.

Well, one Long Island lady loved the “Carrie closet” so much that she and her husband hired the film's set designers to create a replica in their ritzy North Shore abode. Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz transformed the couples 400-square foot guestroom into an incredible walk-in closet, which can hold 400 pairs of shoes, dozens of handbags, racks of clothes, and drawers of sunglasses, accessories, and jewelry. The closet's doors are made of frosted glass, etched with an art-deco floral pattern; and the interior features the same strips of hand-beveled mirrored glass from the movie.

So how much does the ultimate Carrie closet cost? This one was a whopping $175,000… Which leaves us wondering if this woman's wardrobe is even better than Ms. Bradshaw's… Either way, we wouldn't mind playing a game of dress up at her house.

Click below to re-watch the SATC scene of Carrie's closet unveiling… just for good-old time's sake.