LIFTLAB’s Latest Cleanser Performs Double Duty

Anti-aging and pore-refining enzymes? Gentle cleansing and thorough exfoliation without ghastly irritation? A concentrated formula packed with so much power that a pea-sized amount — literally — does the trick? Where do we sign up?

LIFTLAB is adding to its exclusive family of science-fused products with the PURIFY & CLARIFY Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask. The concentrated, protein-packed treatment offers a premium experience that cleanses and doubles as a chemical exfoliator when left on the skin for several minutes. Its key ingredient is the trademarked Aqualumine. An alternative to alpha hydroxy, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid, it's a natural exfoliant derived from red caviar that gently dissolves dead skin cells with no irritation. And when we say concentrated, we mean it! After testing the products, we realized that anything larger than a pea-sized amount left us lathering for days.

The cleanser joins the full LIFTLAB range of serums and creams that are infused with patented Cell Protection Proteins (CPP). Developed under biotech pro Elliot Entis and his team, CPPs are found in the cellular structure of flora and fauna in sub-zero habitats, and are essential to survival in harsh elements. After isolating and purifying the proteins for cosmetic use, Entis and company created reparative, rejuvenating formulas that keep your skin young, fresh, and new. Coupled with an airy scent and a creamy texture, we'd say that this seamless blend of science and beauty needs to be part of everyone's beauty routine. Plus, LIFTLAB is unisex, so guys can get in on the fun too!

LIFT & FIX High Potency Solution, $95 | LIFT & REPAIR Treatment Serum, $145 | LIFT & MOISTURIZE Daily Cream, $130 | LIFT & FIRM Eye Cream, $95, available at