Lights, the Kaiser, Dallas!


Karl Lagerfeld is behind the camera again! Amidst starring in video games, photography exhibitions and adding mythical touches to the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo, the Kaiser is hard at work on a mini-movie for his Mètiers d’Art show in Dallas.

Can you keep up? Because we already need to pause to catch our breath.

On December 10th, Lagerfeld is premiering a movie documenting the period in the mid-Fifties when Gabrielle Chanel made it big in the U.S., according to Women’s Wear Daily. Geraldine Chaplin will portray the iconic women behind the French fashion house while Rupert Everett and Arielle Dombasle will play smaller roles.

Filming is set to begin in Paris, mid-July. We can’t wait to see how Choupette’s companion does Dallas.