Lily Aldridge is a Sexy Little Bride

Wednesday afternoon we had the pleasure of attending the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bridal Shower at the brand's Lexington Avenue store. An abundance of lace and satin greeted us with an extensive collection of pieces for the wedding day and night, bachelorette party, and ofcourse the honeymoon. VS Angel Lily Aldridge, who is a bride to be herself and appears in the brand's bridal campaign, was on hand for the festivities. We took a break from the champagne and lingerie to catch up with Aldridge.

So Lily, what are your favorite “sexy little bridal” things?
Definitely the Dream Angel bra and panty–they’re very beautiful and very flattering. Something else I have my eye on is the bride kimono. It’s the one day in your life you can wear something that says “Bride” on it. Just own that day!

What elements make for the perfect bridal shower?
Good friends, champagne, good times. I’m not having a bridal shower and everyone is different. I’d like to get a massage with my best friends, but some people might want something a bit more extravagant.

Will you atleast be having a bachelorette party?
I think my sister is planning it. It’s a surprise and she won’t tell me where or what it is. I just know the day when I have to show up.

Are you having bridesmaids?
No not really. It’s very small. My sister is my maid of honor so she’s got it covered.

You seem very grounded and calm, do you have any advice for other brides out there?
It’s your day. It’s the one day you can make all the rules. Just make sure you are confident and happy and wearing something you are confident in. Don’t try to do anything for anyone else. Just stay true to what makes you feel good and if you do you will be glowing!

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