Lincoln’s Haute Hybrid

Lincoln has proved that it's totally possible to be environmentally conscious while still embracing a luxurious aesthetic. The brand has elevated the concept of a hybrid vehicle with the launch of it's MKZ– a fuel efficient luxury sedan that gets 41 mpg in the city. I recently had the opportunity to test drive a souped up 2011 model and was totally impressed.

I loaded in my weekend wares and took a spin around Manhattan before taking it to the highway for a drive Upstate to take in the foliage. Plush interiors, spacious seating, and a high tech entertainment setting made for a fantastic ride. After plugging my iPod into the center console's USB cable, I used the voice-activated Lincoln SYNC to get my playlist going.

But when I turned down the music, I noticed just how quiet the car is. Not only is there no sound from the engine, but it also keeps out external noise. A conference call with our Los Angeles office had been scheduled in the evening and I worried how I would participate while in the driver's seat. But the silent setting allowed me to chat as though I was in a conference room and my colleagues on the other end of the line assumed that's where I was! Little did they know that I was cruising in eco-chic style!

Prices for the MKZ Hybrid start at $35,630