Lisa Hoffman and Tom Binns Craft a Collection of Perfumed Pendants

Avant-garde accessories designer Toms Binns has joined forces with perfume perfectionist Lisa Hoffman to craft a collection of fragranced jewelry. The series of scented baubles feature perforated pendants that resemble pods in five different finishes: bronze, rhodium, shiny gold, rose gold, and brushed gold. Hoffman encapsulated scented wooden beads of sensual Japanese agarwood, fresh French clary sage, spicy Tunisian neroli, fruity Tuscan fig, and the heady Madagascar orchid that last throughout the day. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Binns noted that the tiny holes were meant to mimic champagne bubbles so the aroma could illuminate. Hoffman loved that Binns was so taken with the project. “[Tom] reacted to the fact that women wear perfume and jewelry in very similar locations, right around the pulse points – ears, wrists, and décolleté,” she said. “He liked the newness of it.”

Available at for $250 each.