Little Black Book


Glam Editors share their favorite places to get ready for Fashion Week:

The Place: Union Market

Address: 240 Houston St, New York, NY

Why: Before Fashion Week kicks off, I'll make a huge shopping trip to my new favorite store, Union Market. On the list are easy but healthy snacks I can dig into after a full day of shows, as well as fruits and vegetables so I can make green smoothies every day to make sure I'm getting in my nutrients!

The Place: Thread

Address: 32 3rd Ave, New York, NY

Why: I've never waxed my eyebrows, but I'm a full on fan of threading. The ladies at Thread are no nonsense and the place is minimalistic but super clean, so I'll always swing by the weekend before shows to make sure my brows are in order.

The PlaceCircuit of Change, Organic Body Sculpting, Yoga to the People

Address: Many locations throught NYC

Why: If I'm lucky, I'll manage to sneak in at least one yoga class during Fashion Week, but with my hectic schedule, I tend to give myself a bit of a break. Before the shows start though, I make sure to cram in sessions at a few of my favorite studios!

The PlaceShampoo Avenue B

Address: 42 Ave B, New York, NY

Why: Every season before Fashion Week, I make a point to get a haircut so I'm walking into shows with fresh ends and healthy locks. My favorite place to go is Shampoo B, right in my neighborhood because the stylists are young, in the industry, and

The Place:Joe's Shanghai

Address: Many locations throught NYC

Why: Technically, this is a post Fashion Week treat, but soup dumplings from this Chinatown staple are my guilty pleasure post Fashion Week in February. They're warm and soothing, exactly what I need after a successful week of shows!