Liu Wen and Dries Van Noten Rock Vogue China

Liu Wen is on a roll. The 24 year old Chinese model has represented Estée Lauder, walked down dozens of runways, and graced more magazines than we can't count. The December issue of Vogue China is just the latest one she's making an appearance in. Her spread,p hotographed by Karim Sadli and styled by Alastair Mckimm, is called “Oriental Tales.” The looks are gorgeous. In one of the most standout photographs, Wen stands poised and fierce in a Dries Van Noten Fall 2012 black jacket boasting a flaming golden bird. Check out the entire series here.

While we were great fans of the Asian influenced pieces from Dries Van Noten's fall collection, the designer's Spring 2012 line is worth taking a look at as well. Common themes were plaids, from sheer blouses to billowing slacks, structured and cinched light blazers, tightly ruffled tops and skirts, and floral prints. I loved the sole sequined crop top over the plaid button down and paired with a pair of tailored, pajama inspired trousers in a beautiful minty green.

image via Lauren Messiah