Live From the American Express Skybox: Alexandre Birman was Born into the Shoe Business, Literally


Shoe designer Alexandre Birman had his career path determined at birth. No really! He is the son of a shoe factory owner and was born in that same shoe factory where he took his first steps, he explained to cardholders in the American Express Skybox. See? The obvious choice would be a career in shoes. By the time he was 12, Birman was already making factory shoes by hand. He opened started his first company, Shultz—the brand just open it's first store in New York—before combining brands with his father's, and now, he's a shoe designer with his name on the collection.

His love for shoes isn't something that he can turn off easily, as evidenced above. “The first thing when I met a woman is to look at her feet,” he laughed. “Sometimes, I even a little bit impolite because instead of looking at their eyes I see their shoes, first.” You have to love a man who can appreciate a nice shoe.

You can see Birman's shoes at the Fashion Institute of Technology's exhibit Shoe Obsessions, a look at the growing fascination for extravagant or exotic shoes, where he will have three pairs on display. Check it out before April 13th!