Live From the American Express Skybox: Brad Goreski Still Feels like a Chubby Kid From Ontario


Finding your own style is truly a unique and personal experience, it's a journey that's had many phases for stylist and reality star Brad Goreski. This week he shared pieces of his path with cardmemebers in the American Express Skybox. “I was always a very theatrical child,” Goreski said. “My aunt would wait to see me in the morning, get on the school bus, and shake her head most of the time, because I went through my phases.” There was preppy, grunge, and raver Brad. “I carried a lunch pail when I was like 17 years old, I wore fun fur, velvet bottoms, sequins, I was always dying my hair,” he said

Then there was Brad thinking he wanted to be an actor, meeting his boyfriend in Greece, moving to LA to be with said boyfriend and studying to be a fashion journalist, and an internship with Rachel Zoe.

Now, Brad is gearing up for the premiere of the second season of It's a Brad, Brad World, his Bravo¬†reality TV show. The series has been a great platform for Goreski, who now gets to work with brands like Kate Spade.¬†“I just feel lucky to get to do this. It's not an easy world to be working in and to actually get to do the thing that you love… I feel like every fitting I go to, every time I get to do something with my clients, I just feel really grateful,” he said. “Because I'm a chubby kid from small town, Ontario still on the inside that wanted to do something really big but wasn't sure how. And slowly it's happening.”