Live From the American Express Skybox: Bryanboy

Bryanboy is probably fashion's most recognizable digital force. Tuesday night, the blogger extraordinaire lent his vibrant sartorial expertise to lucky card members at the American Express Skybox before the Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2012 show. Dressed in a powder blue Hugo Boss and a fabulous fur that any sartorial enthusiast would love to nab, Bryanboy assured guests that this was one of his more “tame” looks. There's no telling where his style compass will land. “I'm not like a real, real man,” the Filipino fashionisto quipped. “I'm a boy who likes to play around.”

He's played around with fashion blogging for so long that he's caught the attention of à la mode mavens and established fashion editors alike. While Bryanboy originally intended for his blog to be a public diary capturing his daily quips and travel logs, it turned into something bigger. “Bloggers make fashion more approachable, more accessible” he said, later adding that his blog has helped his international audience live vicariously through him.

Aside from sharing social media tips (he has over 226,000 followers on Twitter), thoughts of a mutually beneficial relationship between blogs and magazines, and how cool it was to have Marc Jacobs name a bag after him (the BB Ostrich Bag), Bryanboy schooled us on the rules of fashion, his blogger besties, and his indulgent end-of-fashion-week ritual.

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week the women seem to get all of the aesthetic attention. What advice do you have for guys who need to step up their style game?

Wear nice jeans… Number two, guys should never be afraid to accessorize — get a nice hat or a nice bow tie. And three, don't be afraid to wear a lot of print or pattern.

Now, on to the ladies. What are your style don'ts?

I think it's really important for women to dress their age. But to be honest with you, I really don't believe in don'ts, because my life is a big don't. The point of fashion is to really express yourself, to play with clothes. And if you make a mistake, that's part of it.

Are you following any new talent in the blogging community? If so, who are your favorites?

It's funny how in the blogging community, everybody's quite close to each other. There's really no competition because when it comes to blogs, everybody has a great point of view. I love Susie Bubble, I love my friend Rumi from, and also Tommy Ton, who takes the best street style photos.

What's your experience been like meeting and working with designers and other industry icons?

When you meet them in person, they're usually very friendly. A lot of these designers are just human beings. It's interesting how whenever I see them at parties or events, they're just like us. And what I love about it is none of them have been really cold, even Anna Wintour. She's one of the most incredibly gracious people that I've ever met. It's funny how the press portrays, but she's incredibly nice.

You're obviously big on social media. If there were one Twitter hashtag to describe you, what would it be?


What's the most annoying question that you get during interviews?

How I get into shows. That's the number one question I get asked. How do you get in? How do you get invited?

What do you plan on wearing for the last day of fashion week?

You'll have to log onto my blog and see. I change three times a day.

Since that's a secret, do you have any that you can share?

I've been blogging for eight years and my life has been pretty transparent online. But if I have to say something, it's probably that after fashion week, after my last show, I always get a burger.