Live from the American Express Skybox: Cameron Silver

Decades has been the spot to find precious vintage fashion for years, and its owner Cameron Silver has cultivated a collection of rare designer finds that celebs like Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, and, of course, Dita Von Teese adore. And fans of the L.A. hotspot will get to know him better as he is releasing a book, Decades: a Century of Fashion, and has an upcoming reality show on Bravo.

Though he came from a theater and music background, his penchant for pristine pieces from Prada, Pucci, and more were enough to open his boutique in 1997. As years have gone by, Silver noted today’s style icons have vintage as staples in their wardrobe and see how each decade tells a relatable story. “When I’m buying pieces for the store, I always ask myself, ‘Is it modern? Is it sexy?’,” he explained.

Glam got to sit down with the sartorially savvy shopper in the American Express Skybox after the Lacoste Spring 2013 show to find out what how he keeps all his endeavors in check, what shows he’ll be stopping by, and what advice he has for trend-setting trainees.

You have a collection with Dita Von Teese (The Dita Von Teese Collection) a new book coming out soon, plus your new TV show and the documentary you narrated! How do you keep all of it balanced?
I’m completely unbalanced. You can ask anyone around me! (Laughs) I’m a good multi-tasker; I’m getting better at allocating responsibilities to others. But it seems that every year things get crazier and crazier. I have a book coming out, a movie that’s coming out that I was the narrator for. It’s kind of funny, and I’m thrilled!

How have you been handling the craziness of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? Have you gone to a lot of shows?
I’ve been going to two to three shows a day. I’ve also been going to a lot of social events. I’m officially exhausted, but of course it happens. I’m here to support a lot of my friends. Decades is over 15 years old, and so I’ve gotten to know all of these designers, and it’s nice to be a part of their world and support them.

We know you’ll be heading to Rodarte on Tuesday, but who are some of the other designers that you’ll be checking out?
I’m going to see Marlon Gobel, who is this great menswear designer. I’ll see Ralph Rucci, who I’m a great fan of; Zac Posen – I’m going to the Marimekko show; I’m excited to see what they’re doing. I have to look at my calendar. Who else did I see? Someone tells me where to go. The problem is you know everybody, so everyone wants you to go to their show. I’m trying to go see Diana Vreeland documentary that’s premiering tonight, then I have my big Obama fundraiser, Go Go for Obama. Whatever political affiliation you have, I don’t care, just come to the party because every big designer is going to be there. It should be great.

Since you’ve been so busy, what do you keep in your Fashion Week survival kit to keep you going?
I’m staying with a friend in Harlem who is a big juicer, so almost every morning I have this ginger, alfalfa green drink. Plus you don’t eat very much during Fashion Week, and so those green juices are helping. You know the most important thing? Concealer! There’s one company I love, Tatcha. It’s this Japanese skincare company that’s about a year old, and it focuses on the old geisha techniques, and they have a mist that helps and their blotting papers.

There’s many in New York who can feel intimidated by some of the fashionistas who attend Fashion Week. What’s would you recommend they do to help them get into the stylish swing of things?
The chicest statement you can make is to just not be basic; definitely don’t wear black; and express your eccentricity a little bit. But I’m not saying to look like a train wreck. You can wear something super chic and then an eccentric accessory, like unexpected colors or a cool shoe. That’s what I like to do. Have a foundation and then put your affectation on over that. And you know what? If you’re a train wreck, Amen! It’s Fashion Week!