Live From the American Express Skybox: Glenda Bailey

In continuation of their very fashionable Q&As highlighting editors and industry insiders, the American Express Skybox hosted the editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar, Glenda Bailey, towards the final days of New York Fashion Week. During her visit, she chatted exclusively with card members about everything from the abundance of stripes on the runway to her new favorite part of Harper's Bazaar РShop Bazaar!

On brands launching magazines:

I think we all want more communication. We all go online to get our news these days, so reports from magazines are changing. I am so fortunate because at Harper's Bazaar, we get the chance to work with the world's greatest photographers, models, celebrities and we have an opportunity -because we produce 10 issues a year – we can produce the most glorious, aspirational images. We're so fortunate because we have the expertise to select the very best clothes. We're making shopping an easier experience. I think a lot of brands want to explain the philosophy of the designer, they want to share their thoughts with you and their suggestions because no matter how confident you are about how you look or what you wear, we all want to be inspired.

On her latest project:

What I'm thrilled about is that we're launching Shop Bazaar with our great partners, Amex. We as editors want to make shopping easier. We know our readers are time pressed, so we are scouring the very best at every price point so that our readers can not only shop our pages, but they can shop our pages directly. You can go onto our website and you'll be able to immediately find the dress I'm wearing today – which is almost impossible to find other than on our website – or you can find an exclusive in our September issue, an Alex Wang bag, which I think is the bag of the season.

On her thoughts for personal style:

Those days when someone wears head to toe one designer are completely over. It says everything about the designer and very little about your own personal style. We want you to remember to make the most of your looks with all the suggestions at Bazaar. It's all about what makes you feel comfortable.

On her thoughts for fall fashion:

For fall, first and foremost, a pair of pants. Depending on your body shape, you can go skinny skinny skinny or wide wide wide. Also invest in leather. Buy those stripes now. When it comes to color for fall, we're seeing so much burgundy, forest and of course black is everywhere but as we go into spring its all about black and white, pastels, and then neons.