Live From the American Express Skybox: How to Make it in Fashion According to Ken Downing


It isn't everyday that you get to chat fashion with insiders like Neiman Marcus' senior vice president Ken Downing, but thanks to American Express' Skybox, cardholders were able to ask him anything. And we do mean anything.

There was talk of trends for spring: #1 – get thee an orange handbag, #2 – you can dress up denim with something extra nice on top and #3 – you want your cheeks to look like the sun kissed you but not like you make it your business to lay out in the sun. Oh, and you need false eyelashes. At least two pairs.

But here's where things get really good, Downing described what just about anyone who's seen The Devil Wears Prada wonders. How do you make it in fashion? Well, my friends, we have the scoop for you. “Let them know all of your talents, but also, let them know that you have no fear of doing anything,” he said. ” If you're asked to pack a box, you pack the best box. This idea that, 'I don't really do that,' you know, in this industry, we do everything. I've packed boxes and I'm the senior vice president,” he said.

And don't worry, all your hard work won't go unnoticed, “With a can-do attitude, they'll be like that new intern that's here until midnight, with the great attitude, that will do anything? They will want to hire you over anyone else because attitude is paramount,” Downing said. “As silly as it sounds, people don't want to work hard to get ahead.”

How's that for Monday motivation?