Live From the American Express Skybox: Lottie Oakley Dishes on Life During and After Vogue


Lottie Oakley kept American Express cardholders enthralled in the Skybox during New York Fashion with her in-depth questioning of some of the fashion industry's biggest influencers, but how about a few details on the American Express Fashion Ambassador? “Lottie has been a great partner to American Express and a great partner to our brand,” Deborah Curtis, Vice President of Entertainment & Sponsorships at American Express told me between shows.

“One of the things that I think is most important is the breath of experience she has.” Oakley spent 13 years as a publisher at Vogue, but interestingly enough, fashion wasn't something she was sure was for her. “It wasn't something that I would say is predetermined but once I was in a place to make a decision, I chose fashion,” she told us. We say that she chose well. Here are five little tidbits that will further prove how awesome Oakley is:

1. Oakley Bought Vogue from 'The Warehouse'

“At 12, I was going to my local grocery store in the tiniest town in Oklahoma and buying Vogue. It was called The Warehouse, it wasn't Whole Foods by any means,” she laughed.

2. She Chose Vogue Over Business School

Vogue for me, was really my finishing school. On many, many levels. I was there for 13 years, I entered Vogue in my late 20s and left in my early 40s so for that entire decade, it was my finishing school. Not only did it teach me about business, it taught me about corporate culture, political environment, fashion as a cause and it also demonstrated to me with Anna at the helm, that female power is something that I really wanted and admired–a lot.”

3. She Still Thinks about Vogue

“What I realized [at Vogue] is well you're at an iconic place like Vogue, you need to take it in every single day. Take in the good, take in the bad, don't waste a day, don't regret a day because you can always draw from those experiences. I left Vogue in 2010 but there isn't a day that I don't reflect on an experience I had then that pushes me forward.”

4. Vogue Taught Her Brand Equity

“I set out to form a company–Haralux— that would manage luxury brands with some similar disciplines as to how Hollywood has managed talent. The goal is to manage young luxury brands. Identify young brands, give them strategy, leadership, mentorship and perhaps, operating capital if needed.”

5. She Takes Time For Herself

Oakley certainly has a lot of her plate but she is able to balance it because spends time meditating after her daughter goes to bed, and before she goes to bed, the last thing she does? “Pray,” she told me.

Sigh, now do you see why American Express loves her so?