Live In Style, a la Rachel Zoe


By now it’s clear that Rachel Zoe is more than just a stylist. She’s a bananas designer, a style icon who kills itwith every outfit and an A-list celeb who just makes. us. die.

In her new book, Living In Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour, Zoe chronicles her past, covering everything from design to travel and entertaining to fashion. With all of her experience in the fashion world, we’re certain that Zoe’s new book will give us a sophisticated and chic idea of what lifestyle truly means. It's filled with personal photos, images of her fashion and beauty icons, and contributions from her inspirational friends and mentors on home decor, entertaining, and travel. Yes, please!

On March 25th, 2014, we are hitting the bookstores – well, maybe our Kindles – to see just what author Rachel Zoe has to offer us. And we’re sure this book is going to shut it down.