Living La Dolce Vita With Ruffino Prosecco

Yesterday afternoon we escaped the New York showers for a taste of Italy. Vespas arrived to whisk guests from their bleary office desks to Gemma at the Bowery Hotel to experience la dolce vita; we got nervous and took a car instead but the experience was thrilling nonetheless. Ruffino, the 130-year-old Tuscan winery, celebrated the launch of it's first ever Prosecco with endless flutes of the sparkling wine. Italian bites like pizza, paninis, bruschetta, and rice balls were the perfect complement to the bubbly.

Kelly Bensimon and chef David Rocco of David Rocco's Dolce Vita were on hand for the festivities. “Prosecco is one of those drinks that you can have for lunch, it's light and it goes well with almost anything,” said Rocco. “You can pop a bottle open any time of the day and feel like you are treating yourself…but remember everything in moderation.”

Ruffino Prosecco will retail for $14.99 at select liquor stores nationwide. Cheers to the good life!