Living Proof Steps Into Skincare with Spanx for Your Eyes


Living Proof has tamed tress troubles for years, but now the brand is stepping into another beauty realm to open our eyes to skincare possibilities.

The labs developed Neotensil, a skincare system that not only reshapes the appearance of eye bags but keeps the area hydrated for up to 24 hours, like Spanx but for your skin. It marks the first topical solution for the problem eye area without the worry of surgery.

The Living Proof labs worked Dr. Bob Langer, Dr. Betty Yu, Dr. Rox Anderson, and Dr. Barbara Gilchrest to create Strateris, the key ingredient in the system. The technology is a breatheable film that mimics skin’s eleasticity and shrinks down to compress and smooth the excess skin and fat pods that can protrude as we age. Not only that, but the formula provides up to 24 hours of hydration to the sensitive area.

While you’ll have to see a dermatologist to pick up the package; it’s also where they can show you how to use the 3-step system that comes with Skin Prep Towelettes, Reshaping Base, Activating Layer, Remover and Remover Pads, and the reshaping Tool to help smooth evertyhing evenly. Plus you can snap up an Under Eye Coverage powder that acts like a concealer to blend seamleslly with the rest of your makeup.

Need further proof? Check out to check out incredible before and after pictures and find a medical professional in your area.